How to Unclog Paper Towel From Toilet

Unclogging a paper towel from a toilet may seem like an easy task, but it can quickly become a messy and frustrating experience if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why understanding to unclog paper towel from toilet is important for any homeowner or renter.

How to Unclog Paper Towel From Toilet

The main  advantage of knowing to unclog paper towel from toilet is that you can save time and money by solving the problem yourself instead of calling a plumber or using harsh chemicals. Another advantage is that it allows you to maintain your privacy, as dealing with clogged toilets can be embarrassing. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to unclog paper towel from toilet.

Step by Step Processes for How to Unclog Paper Towel From Toilet

Step 1: Inspect  the Situation

Inspect the plumbing fixtures around your toilet to ensure that there are no leaks or other potential problems. Also, check if there is any visible paper towel stuck in the toilet bowl or drain. Before attempting to unclog the paper towel from your toilet, it’s important to turn off the water supply. This will prevent any potential overflow while you are trying to clear the clog.

You Will Need a Plunger

Step 2: Gather Necessary Tools

To unclog a paper towel from your toilet, you will need a plunger, rubber gloves, a bucket of hot water and potentially a plumbing snake. Make sure you have all these tools ready before proceeding to the next step. Place the plunger over the drain in your toilet and create a tight seal. This will help to create suction and dislodge the paper towel from the drain.

Step 3: Begin Plunging

Using strong, forceful movements, begin plunging up and down with the plunger. This will help to loosen and push the paper towel through the drain. Continue plunging until you feel the clog has cleared.

If the plunger alone is not enough to unclog the paper towel, pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet bowl. The heat can help to break down any remaining bits of paper and push them through the drain.

Step 4: Try a Plumbing Snake

If the plunger and hot water method do not work, you may need to use a plumbing snake. Feed the snake into the drain and rotate it to help break up and remove any paper towel clogs. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners to unclog a paper towel from your toilet. These can damage your pipes and be harmful to your health if not used properly.

Step 5: Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you have a wet/dry vacuum, this can also be effective in unclogging paper towel from your toilet. Use the suction function to try and remove the clog from the drain. If all else fails, it may be time to call a professional plumber. They have the necessary tools and expertise to effectively unclog any stubborn paper towel clogs in your toilet.

Step 6: Prevent Future Clogs

To prevent paper towels from clogging your toilet in the future, make sure to only flush toilet paper and waste down the drain. Avoid flushing other paper products or foreign objects that can easily become stuck.

Avoid Flushing Other Paper Products

Performing regular maintenance on your toilet, such as cleaning and checking for any potential clogs, can also help prevent future paper towel clogs. This will ensure that your toilet continues to function properly and avoid any unexpected mishaps. Remember to always dispose of paper towels properly and never flush them down the toilet.

Precautions for How to Unclog Paper Towel From Toilet

  1. To avoid clogging your toilet with paper towels, always make sure to use the appropriate amount of toilet paper when wiping.
  2. Another precautionary measure is to avoid flushing any other objects down the toilet besides toilet paper and human waste. This includes paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or any other non-flushable items.
  3. If you do accidentally flush a paper towel down the toilet, do not attempt to flush multiple times or use a plunger. This can cause further clogging and potentially damage your pipes.
  4. Instead, try using a plumbing snake or auger to remove the paper towel. These tools are specifically designed to unclog toilets without causing further damage.
  5. Alternatively, you can also try pouring hot water and dish soap into the toilet bowl and letting it sit for a few minutes before flushing. This can help break down the paper towel and make it easier to remove.
  6. It is important to always have a plunger on hand in case of any toilet clogs. Plungers are effective tools for unclogging toilets as they create pressure that helps to dislodge any blockages.
  7. Regularly maintaining your toilet can also prevent paper towel clogs. This includes checking the water level in the tank and ensuring it is not too high, as well as cleaning out any debris or buildup around the rim of the toilet bowl.

Additional precautions for maintaining a clean and well-functioning toilet include using a septic-safe toilet paper, avoiding excessive use of wipes (even those labelled as flushable), and never pouring grease or oil down the drain. By following these safety measures, you can prevent clogs and avoid costly repairs to your plumbing system.

Understanding These Causes Can Help Prevent It

What Are Some Common Reasons for Paper Towels Getting Stuck in the Toilet?

Paper towels getting stuck in the toilet is a common household problem that can be frustrating to deal with. There are several reasons why this may happen, and understanding these causes can help prevent it from happening in the future. One of the main reasons for paper towels getting stuck in the toilet is simply because they are not meant to be flushed. Unlike toilet paper, which is specifically designed to break down in water, paper towels are made to be more durable and absorbent. This means that when flushed, they can easily get stuck and cause a blockage in the pipes.

Another common reason for paper towels getting stuck in the toilet is user error. Sometimes individuals may accidentally drop a paper towel into the toilet without realizing it, or they may use them to clean up spills and then absentmindedly flush them down the toilet.

This can easily lead to a clog, especially if multiple paper towels are flushed at once. Improper disposal of paper towels can also contribute to them getting stuck in the toilet. If they are thrown in the trash instead of being properly disposed of, they may end up in the toilet and cause a blockage. It is important to always dispose of paper towels in the designated trash receptacle and not flush them down the toilet.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Attempting to Unclog a Paper Towel From the Toilet on Your Own?

There are definitely some risks involved when attempting to unclog a paper towel from your toilet on your own. One of the main concerns is the potential damage that could be caused to your plumbing system. If you are not careful, you could end up causing a blockage or even a burst pipe, which can lead to costly repairs.

Moreover, there is also the risk of personal injury. Trying to retrieve the paper towel from the toilet with a plunger or other tools can be dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with how to use them properly. You could injure yourself or accidentally damage the toilet bowl, resulting in even more expenses.

In addition, attempting to unclog a paper towel from your toilet on your own may also lead to further clogs in the future. If you are not able to fully remove the paper towel, there is a possibility that it could get pushed further into your plumbing system, causing even more blockages and potential damage.

It is always best to err on the side of caution and seek professional help when dealing with clogged toilets. Plumbers have the necessary tools and expertise to safely and effectively remove any obstructions from your plumbing system without causing further damage. They can also provide advice on how to prevent similar issues in the future.

Plumbers Have The Necessary Tools


In conclusion,  there are several methods that can be used to unclog paper towel from a toilet. These methods include using a plunger, using hot water and dish soap, and using a plumbing snake. Each of these methods has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the method that works best for your particular situation.

One of the most common and effective ways to unclog paper towel from a toilet is by using a plunger. This tool creates pressure and suction to dislodge the clogged material and allow it to pass through the pipes. However, it may require multiple attempts and some physical effort. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to unclog paper towel from toilet. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically.

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