How to Keep Birds Off Patio Furniture

Do you want to keep your patio furniture looking brand new and free from bird droppings? Are you weary of birds perching on your patio furniture? You’re not alone! Every spring, it seems more and more birds flock to homes for food. Unfortunately, this frustrates many homeowners with the mess they create on their outdoor furniture. If you want to keep feathered friends away from your outdoor seating area without hurting them, a few simple suggestions can make all the difference. 

How to Keep Birds Off Patio Furniture

From purchasing shields or deterrents to planting the right plants in your garden, we have the tips and tricks needed to help ensure that birds don’t use your precious outdoor pieces as living quarters. In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips for how to keep birds off patio furniture so it stays clean and pristine until your next cookout or family gathering!

Necessary Items

You may need to purchase or gather a few items before we get started on the tips and tricks for keeping birds off patio furniture. Depending on what method you choose, some of these items may vary.

  • Bird Repellent Spray: Many types of bird awful sprays are available on the market, ranging from synthetic chemicals to natural oils like peppermint or citronella. Do your research and choose one that suits your needs.
  • Motion-activated Sprinklers: These devices use motion sensors to detect when a bird is nearby and then spray water to scare them away. They are safe for both birds and pets.
  • Wind Chimes or Shiny Objects: Some homeowners have succeeded with hanging wind chimes or shiny objects like CDs or aluminum foil near their patio furniture to deter birds.
  • Bird Spikes: Invest in bird spikes if you have a persistent bird problem. These thin, needle-like rods can be placed on surfaces where birds tend to perch, making it uncomfortable for them to land.
  • Garden Netting: This is an excellent option if the birds primarily target your plants or garden area. Simply cover the affected area with netting to prevent them from accessing it.
  • Fake Predators: Another option is to purchase counterfeit predators, such as owls or snakes, and place them near your patio furniture. The sight of these animals can often scare birds away.

10 Tips on How to Keep Birds Off Patio Furniture

Now that you have all the necessary items let’s look at ten tips on keeping birds off patio furniture!

Tip 1: Use Bird Repellent Spray

As mentioned earlier, bird-repellent spray can be an effective way to keep birds off your patio furniture. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and spray it on or around your furniture. If you choose a natural oil-based repellent, remember to reapply after rain.

Bird-repellent Spray Can Be an Effective Way

Tip 2: Set Up Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers are an excellent option for those who want to keep birds away without causing any harm. They also effectively control other pests, like squirrels or raccoons, out of your outdoor space.

Tip 3: Hang Wind Chimes or Shiny Objects

This may seem simple, but birds are often startled by sudden noises or flashing lights. Hanging wind chimes or shiny objects near your patio furniture can help scare them away.

Tip 4: Place Bird Spikes on Surfaces

Birds like to perch on flat surfaces like the back of a chair or table. Placing bird spikes on these surfaces will make it uncomfortable for them to land, and they will eventually give up and move on.

Tip 5: Cover Your Plants with Garden Netting

If your plants or garden are the main targets of bird activity, covering them with garden netting can be an effective solution. This will prevent birds from accessing the area and causing any damage.

Tip 6: Use Fake Predators

Fake predators like owls or snakes can be used as a scare tactic to keep birds away. Move them around periodically so the birds don’t catch on to the trick.

Tip 7: Keep Food Sources Away from Your Patio Furniture

If you like to feed birds, do it away from your patio furniture. Birds often return to areas where they find food, so keeping it away from your furniture will discourage them from hanging around. Also, clean up any spilled birdseed or scraps from your outdoor space.

Fake Predators Like Owls Or Snakes Can Be Used

Tip 8: Keep Your Patio Furniture Clean

Birds are attracted to areas with a lot of debris and crumbs. Regularly clean your patio furniture and wipe down any surfaces where food may have been present. This will encourage birds to land and make a mess.

Tip 9: Plant Bird-Repelling Plants

Believe it or not, some plants can repel birds. These include marigolds, sunflowers, and geraniums. Consider planting these in your garden or near your patio furniture to keep birds at bay.

Tip 10: Cover Your Furniture when Not in Use

If all else fails, covering your furniture when not in use can be a simple solution to keep birds off. This will prevent them from perching or nesting on your furnishings.

With these tips and tricks, you should have the knowledge and tools to keep birds off your patio furniture for good! Remember always to choose humane methods and do your research before using any products. Happy bird-free outdoor lounging!  So, don’t let feathered friends ruin your outdoor experience; follow these tips and enjoy a clean and pristine patio all season long.

8 Things to Avoid

While there are effective methods to keep birds off patio furniture, there are also things you should avoid doing. Here are eight things to steer clear of:

1. Using Sticky or Oily Substances on Your Furniture

These may be harmful to birds and can also leave a mess on your furniture. It’s best to choose a bird-repellent spray or other humane methods.

2. Leaving Food Out in the Open

As mentioned earlier, food is a big attractant for birds. Keep it away from your patio furniture and clean up any spills or scraps.

Be Patient and Consistent With Your Chosen Method

3. Using Loud and Continuous Noises

While sudden noises or flashing lights can be effective, continuous loud noises attract birds instead of repelling them.

4. Placing Sharp or Dangerous Objects on Your Furniture

Not only can this harm birds, but it may also pose a risk to other animals or small children. Stick to safe and humane methods.

5. Ignoring Local Laws or Regulations

Some areas may have laws or regulations regarding specific bird deterrents. Be sure to check before implementing any methods.

6. Using Poisonous Substances

Not only is this inhumane, but it can also harm other animals and children if accidentally ingested. Stick to safe and humane methods.

7. Neglecting Regular Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your outdoor space and furniture is essential for bird control and overall hygiene.

8. Giving Up Too Soon

Some methods may take time to be effective, so keep going. Be patient and consistent with your chosen method to see results.  Choosing humane and safe methods is essential when trying to keep birds off your patio furniture. By following these tips and avoiding harmful tactics, you can enjoy a bird-free outdoor space all season long. 

Food is a Big Attractant for Birds

So next time you’re enjoying a meal or lounging on your patio furniture, you won’t have to worry about unwanted feathered visitors. With these tips, you can have a peaceful and clean outdoor space. Don’t let birds ruin your outdoor experience, and take action today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will These Methods Harm the Birds?

No, these methods are all humane and safe for birds.  They are designed to deter birds from landing on your patio furniture, not harming them.

Can I Use These Methods for Other Pests, Too?

Yes, many of these methods can also be effective in keeping other pests, such as squirrels or raccoons, away from your outdoor space.

How Often Should I Reapply the Repellent?

Following the instructions on the specific repellent product you choose is recommended. Some may need to be reapplied more often than others. 

Are There Any Natural Alternatives?

Yes, some natural alternatives exist, such as using essential oils or planting bird-repelling plants. However, commercial repellents may be more effective.  Researching and choosing the best method for you and your outdoor space is best.

Can I Still Feed Birds While Using These Methods?

Yes, you can still feed birds, but do it away from your patio furniture and clean up any spills or scraps.  This will prevent birds from returning to your outdoor space looking for food. 

What Should I Do if Birds Are Already Nesting on my Furniture?

If possible, leave the nest alone until the baby birds have left. If you need to remove the nest, do so carefully and ensure no eggs or birds are present. It’s best to wait until after breeding season to implement bird deterrent methods if you need help with how to proceed.

Are There Any Natural Repellents I Can Use?

Yes, natural alternatives, such as vinegar or peppermint oil, can be effective in repelling birds. Just be sure to do your research and use them safely.

What if None of These Methods Work?

If you’ve tried multiple methods and still have trouble with birds on your patio furniture, consult a professional for further advice. They can help assess the situation and provide more specialized solutions.  Remember, never use harmful or dangerous methods to deter birds. Always opt for safe and humane options.

Use Harmful or Dangerous Methods to Deter Birds


With some primary bird deterrents and a bit of effort, you can keep birds away from your patio furniture and enjoy the outdoor space without any unwanted feathered visitors. Remember that providing the birds with other food sources is simpler and more humane than scare tactics, so try those first. When all else fails, using netting or Spikes might be an unpleasant but effective way to keep them away from your valuable possessions. 

Whether it’s keeping birds off your patio furniture or preventing them from snacking in your garden, these methods on how to keep birds off patio furniture should work for anyone looking for a solution. So don’t get discouraged if one option doesn’t do the trick – there are plenty of ways to tackle this situation.

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