How to Hang Garland on Mantle without Command Hooks

Hanging a garland on your mantle can add a touch of festive joy to any home. However, conventional methods like using command hooks can often leave unwanted marks or damage on your mantle, disrupting the aesthetics of your space.

Furthermore, being tied to the placement of these hooks can limit your creativity and flexibility. This post will explore several innovative and easy methods of hanging your garland without resorting to command hooks.

Prepare to delve into solutions that give you the freedom to change your décor as often as you like, all while preserving the integrity of your mantle. So, keep on reading this article about how to hang garland on mantle without command hooks.

How to Hang Garland on Mantle without Command Hooks

Can You Hang Garland on the Mantle Without Command Hooks?

One of the most beloved holiday traditions is decorating the house for the season. And if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful mantle, decking it with garland is a must. But what do you do if you don’t want to use command hooks? Luckily, there are other options available. You can use removable adhesive strips, tie the garland onto the mantle with ribbon, or use suction cups. Experimenting with different techniques can create a unique and stunning display that will be the talk of your holiday gatherings. So don’t be afraid to get creative and enjoy it!

Why Should You Hang Garland on Mantle Without Command Hooks?

Adding garland to your mantle can be the perfect way to bring festive cheer into your home during the holiday season. But the last thing you want is to damage your mantle by using command hooks to hang your garland. Luckily, there are other solutions that are just as effective and won’t leave any pesky residue behind. By using wire, fishing line, or even suction cups, you can create a beautiful garland display without causing any permanent damage. So why risk damaging your mantle when you can opt for these easy and ingenious solutions? Give your home the holiday spirit it deserves without sacrificing the condition of your mantle.

Understanding Your Mantle and Garland

What Type of Mantle Do You Have?

Before you start hanging your garland, it’s essential to understand the type of mantle you have. This will determine which method is best suited for you. If your mantle has a flat surface, then adhesive strips or suction cups would work best. But if your mantle has grooves or ledges, then tying the garland with ribbons or using wire to secure it would be more effective. Knowing the type of mantle will ensure that your garland hangs securely and looks its best.

What Type of Garland Are You Using?

Garlands come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are made from natural elements such as pine cones and berries, while others are artificial and can be made from plastic or fabric. The type of garland you are using will determine how heavy it is and the best way to hang it. For lighter garlands, adhesive strips and suction cups may suffice. But for heavier ones, using wire or fishing lines would provide better support.

Adding Garland to 
Your Mantle

7 Ways to Follow on How to Hang Garland on Mantle without Command Hooks

1. Use Fishing Line

A fishing line can be a great option to hang garland on your mantle without leaving any marks behind. All you need to do is tie the fishing line to each end of the garland and attach it to the hooks on your mantle. The fishing line is strong enough to hold the garland without damaging the mantle, and at the same time, it’s almost invisible, making it an ideal option.

2. Binder Clips

Using binder clips is another easy hack to hang garland on your mantle. All you need to do is to clip the garland onto the mantle using the clips. This not only helps in hanging the garland but also adds a decorative touch to your mantle.

3. Command Strip Alternatives

If you’re trying to avoid using command hooks, try using command strip alternatives, like adhesive strips. These strips can be used to hang garlands on your mantle without causing any damage to the surface. However, it’s important to read the instructions carefully to ensure that you’re using the right product for your mantle.

Trying to Avoid Using 
Command Hooks

4. Use Twist Ties

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and quick way to hang your garland, then twist ties can be a great option. Wrap the twist ties around the garland and hang it onto the hook on your mantle. You can also use ribbons or string in place of twist ties.

5. Magnetic Hooks

Using magnetic hooks is another great option to hang your garland. You can simply attach these hooks to your mantle, and they will hold the garland securely. Magnetic hooks are easy to install and can hold up to 10 lbs. So you don’t have to worry about the garland falling off.

6. Glue Dots

Using glue dots is another great way to hang garland on your mantle without using command hooks. All you need to do is attach the glue dots to the back of the garland and stick it to your mantel. They are strong enough to hold the garland in place and come off easily when you want to remove them.

7. Ribbon and Clothespins

Last, you can use ribbon and clothespins to hang the garland on your mantle without using command hooks. Attach the ribbon to the mantle with a hook and clip it up with clothespins. This is an easy, affordable, and efficient way to hang your garland without leaving any marks behind.

Using any of these easy methods, you can hang garland on your mantle without using command hooks and still enjoy the holiday season! So, don’t wait; start decorating your home with beautiful garlands!

Garland on a Mantle 
Without Command Hooks

5 Considerations Things When You Need to Hang Garland on Mantle Without Command Hooks

1. Weight of the Garland

When hanging a garland on a mantle without command hooks, one of the most important considerations is the weight of the garland. Lightweight garlands can be hung using adhesive strips or tacks, while heavier garlands may need to be secured with nails or screws. It is important to make sure that whatever method you use is able to support the weight of the garland.

2. Length of Garland

The length of the garland will also play a role in how it is hung. If the garland is too long for one nail or screw, multiple nails or screws will need to be used to support it. Additionally, if you are using adhesive strips or tacks, you may need to use multiple strips in order to secure the entire length of the garland.

3. Material of Garland

The garland’s material should also be considered when hanging it without command hooks. If you are using nails or screws, ensure they are suitable for use with whatever material your garland is made from (such as plastic or fabric). Additionally, if you are using adhesive strips or tacks, make sure that they will not damage your mantle when removed at a later date.

4. Type and Number of Decorations

The type and number of decorations on your garland will also affect how it needs to be hung without command hooks. If there are many decorations on your garland that could potentially fall off if not properly secured, then you may want to opt for nails or screws instead of adhesive strips or tacks to ensure that everything remains securely in place.

5. Adhesive Strips vs Tacks

Finally, when hanging your garland without command hooks, you will need to decide between using adhesive strips or tacks. Adhesive strips are usually easier and quicker to apply than tacks but may not provide as much security as nails and screws would offer; however, tacks can take more time and effort but provide more stability than adhesive strips would offer.

5 Benefits of Hang Garland on Mantle Without Command Hooks

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Hanging a garland on a mantle without Command hooks adds an aesthetic appeal to your home. The garland can be draped in various ways, creating a unique look that is sure to draw attention. Additionally, the garland can be decorated with ornaments and other decorations that will create an eye-catching display.

2. Easy Installation

Installing garland without Command hooks is also much easier than using them. All you need to do is drape the garland over the mantle and secure it with nails or tacks. This is much quicker and less complicated than installing Command hooks, which require measuring and drilling holes into the wall.

Installing Garland 
Without Command Hooks

3. No Damage to Walls

Hanging garlands without Command hooks also eliminates any potential damage to your walls from drilling holes for the hooks. This is especially important if you rent your home, as you may incur hefty fees from your landlord if you cause any damage when installing the hooks.

4. Less Expensive

Another benefit of hanging garlands without Command hooks is that it is less expensive than using them. Command hooks can be quite costly, especially if you need multiple ones for larger garland pieces or heavier decorations like wreaths or stockings. By skipping the Command hooks, you can save money on decorating costs while achieving a beautiful look for your mantle.

5. Versatility

Finally, hanging garland without Command Hooks allows for more versatility when decorating your mantlepiece as you can rearrange it however you like without having to worry about reinstalling the hooks each time you want to make a change. This makes it easy to switch up your holiday decorations from year-to-year or even season-to-season depending on your preference!

Some Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Hang Garland on Mantle Without Command Hooks

The holidays are a time for festive décor and cheerful celebrations. However, if you’ve attempted to hang a garland on your mantle without using command hooks, you may have encountered some struggles. One common mistake people make is using tape or string to secure the garland, only to have it fall hours later. Another mistake is not measuring the length of the garland properly, resulting in bunched-up or sagging sections. To avoid these errors, use stocking hangers or sturdy adhesive strips designed for hanging decorations. With a little bit of patience and the right tools, you can hang your garland with ease and create a cozy, inviting space for the holiday season.

Troubleshooting Common Garland Issues

While hanging garlands can be a fun and rewarding process, you may sometimes encounter certain problems. Here are some troubleshooting tips for common issues:

1. Garland Falling Off

If your garland keeps falling off, it may not be securely attached. Consider using a more reliable method of attachment, such as adhesive strips designed specifically for decorations, nails, or mantle clips. Always ensure that the method of attachment is suitable for the weight and type of your garland.

2. Uneven Garland

If your garland looks uneven, it might be due to incorrect measurements. Always ensure that you measure your mantle and garland before installation. The garland should hang down evenly on both sides of the mantle.

3. Damaged Mantle Surface

If you notice damage to your mantle after removing the garland, it could be due to using an inappropriate attachment method. To avoid this, ensure the adhesive strips or nails you’re using won’t damage your mantle. If you’re renting or don’t want to cause any permanent damage, consider using mantle clips or garland ties, as they are non-invasive.

4. Sagging Garland

If your garland is sagging, it might be due to excessive weight from decorations. Try to distribute the decorations evenly across the garland or consider using a thicker or sturdier garland that can handle the weight of the decorations.

5. Garland Not Sitting Right

If your garland isn’t sitting right, it could be due to the mantle’s surface. Some mantles have a smoother surface that can make the garland slip. To combat this, use mantle clips or a garland tie for extra stability.

Remember, decorating your home for the holidays should be enjoyable. Don’t let small hiccups spoil the fun. With the right tools and a little patience, you can hang your garland and create a beautiful and festive environment.

Decorating Tips for Garland on Mantle

1. Layer with Lights

Adding some twinkling lights to your garland can create a warm and cozy ambiance in your home. You can either intertwine the lights within the garland or drape them over the top for a more dramatic effect.

2. Mix In Other Decorations

Don’t be afraid to mix in other decorations, such as ornaments, bows, or even mini-wreaths, with your garland. This will add dimension and interest to your mantle display.

3. Coordinate Colors

To create a cohesive look, try to coordinate the colors of your garland with your existing décor. For example, if you have a red and green color scheme for Christmas, use a garland with accents of those colors. This will tie everything together and create a cohesive look.

4. Add Personal Touches

Make your garland display feel personal by adding family photos, handwritten notes or cards, or special ornament keepsakes. This will make your mantle feel more warm and inviting for you and your guests.

5. Switch It Up

Don’t be afraid to switch up your garland display throughout the holiday season. For example, you can add different decorations or switch out the lights for a new look. This will keep your mantle looking fresh and festive all season long.

Overall, hanging garland on your mantle without command hooks is an easy and cost-effective way to decorate for the holidays.

Seasonal Variations for Mantle Decor

1. Fall Mantle Decor

For fall, consider incorporating elements such as pumpkins, leaves, and warm-colored garlands into your mantle display. You can also add cozy accents like candles or knit blankets to create a cozy autumn vibe.

2. Winter Mantle Decor

In the winter months, opt for an evergreen garland with accents of pinecones, berries, and snowflakes. You can also add in white string lights for a magical winter wonderland feel.

3. Spring Mantle Decor

For spring, use light-colored garlands with floral accents and pastel colors. You can also incorporate fresh flowers or potted plants onto your mantle for a cheerful and vibrant look.

4. Summer Mantle Decor

In the summer, bring in elements like seashells, starfish, and nautical-themed garlands to create a beachy feel. You can also add pops of bright colors with decorative accents or fresh fruit displays.

No matter what season it is, hanging garland on your mantle without Command hooks allows for endless creativity and versatility in your home décor.

Safety Measures for Mantle Decorating

1. Use Secure Mounting Techniques

When hanging a garland without Command hooks, it’s important to ensure that it is securely attached to your mantle. This can be done with stockings, hangers, adhesive strips, or sturdy nails/tacks.

2. Avoid Overloading Your Mantle

Be mindful of the weight limit on your mantle, and avoid overloading it with heavy decorations. This can lead to potential accidents or damage to your mantle.

3. Turn Off Lights and Candles When Not in Use

If you are using lights or candles on your mantle, be sure to turn them off when leaving the house or going to bed. This will prevent any potential fire hazards.

4. Keep Decorations Away from Heat Sources

Avoid placing decorations too close to any heat sources, such as fireplaces or heaters. This can cause damage to your decorations and pose a fire risk.

5. Use Non-Flammable Materials

When choosing garland or other decorative accents, make sure they are made from non-flammable materials to prevent any potential hazards.

Maintaining Your Mantle Decor

Proper maintenance of your mantle decor is crucial to ensure its longevity and attractiveness.

1. Clean Regularly

Regular dusting and cleaning of your mantle decor can keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Use a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster to clean the surface gently. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the natural finish of the mantle and the decorations.

2. Change Decorations Carefully

When changing out your decorations for different seasons, be gentle and careful to avoid any damage. Store off-season decor items properly to prevent dust and dirt accumulation.

3. Check for Damage

Do a periodic check for any signs of damage or wear and tear on your decorations. Repair or replace any faulty items to maintain the overall aesthetic of your mantle decor.

4. Store Properly

When not in use, store your decorations in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use storage boxes with individual compartments for delicate items to prevent them from getting tangled up or damaged.

5. Refresh Your Decor

Sometimes, all your mantle decor needs is a little refreshing. This could be changing the arrangement, adding new elements, or even a quick repaint. A little change can go a long way in maintaining the appeal of your mantle decor.

Remember, the key to a beautiful and long-lasting mantle decor is regular maintenance and a bit of creativity!


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to hang your garland on your mantle without causing any damage to the surface. Some of the options we mentioned above include fishing lines, binder clips, command strip alternatives, twist ties, and magnetic hooks. We hope these ideas will help you decorate your house this holiday season without causing any harm to your mantle. So, get creative and have fun with your decorations! Thanks for reading our post about how to hang garland on mantle without command hooks.

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